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Buying a Home with True North Real Property Specialists

BUYERS AGENT SERVICES: Research. Relationships. Results. As your dedicated buyers agent, our one goal at True North is to find and secure the best property for your budget and needs.

As a True North client, our commitment and sole obligation is to you and a successful real estate experience. We’re approachable, professional guides. Through in-depth market research, consistent and clear communications and our fiduciary duty to serve you, we walk as your advocate every step of the way.

Selling Your Home with True North Residential – Marketing. Design. Technology.

LISTING AGENT SERVICES: Marketing and promoting your home is the essence of the home selling process. In a sea of buyers and sellers, standing out and projecting your property in the best light is essential, along with clearly communicating and showcasing the assets of your home and community to buyers in a way that connects beyond numbers and words, bringing more potential buyers into play.

These essential elements are the essence of True North. Our expertise is in design, communication and creativity. Targeting potential buyers through social media, video, community relationships and engagement opportunities while emphasizing staging and clean design is our approach to promotion. In addition to aesthetics, market research and analysis play an equally strong role in our listing agent services for you. We craft a blend of design, technology and analysis into each listing partnership, all designed to maximize your opportunity to sell.